curriculum vitae 

"Here was a guitarist who knew how to laugh with the music and share
the joke with his audience. But behind the entertainer lies a
serious artist, whose extended composition in memory of Jana
Obrovska proved fully capable of stirring emotions at the other end
of the scale. Never was a standing ovation more richly deserved.
Pavel Steidl had won the hearts and minds of a capacity crowd."
(Classical guitar magazine)

Pavel Steidl was born in Rakovnik (Czech Republic). Since he won
first prize at the Radio France International Competition in Paris
in 1982, he has become one of the most widely celebrated soloists of
his generation. Between the membres of the jury were names of such
artist like Alexander Tansman, Antonio Lauro , Maria Luisa Anido …

Before that he studied with such guitarist as Milan Zelenka and
Stephan Rak in Prague.

In 1987 he decided to emigrate to Netherland were after years of
studying and getting inspiration from many different artist he has
created his own style which is not ignoring authentic way of
intepretatione 19th-century guitar literature on periodic
instruments and going far to some world music elements.

Pavel Steidl also composes himself and his own compositions are
often played on his concerts.

He played in more then 40 countries of the world from among Canada,
USA, China, India, Japan, Europe, South and Central America and many

On demand of Italian Guitar Magazine Guitart the readers decided to
choose him as a guitar player of the year 2004 .

Pavel Steidl plays many instruments, but mainly Francisco Simplicio
(1926) and Franz Butcher (2008), romantic guitar: copies of
J.G.Stauffer guitar made by B.Kresse and original instrument  from
the beginning of the 19th century Nikolaus G.Ries cca. 1830